Custom Space Remodel

From home gyms to laundry rooms, Farha HomeTrends has experience in all the specialty spaces. Don’t overlook opportunities to add value to your home by refreshing custom-purpose rooms. Add finished square footage to your home in the attic and basement. Tie it all together with updated transition spaces.

Custom metal, wood and tile work add flair to every nook in your home. Today, there are infinite opportunities for small spaces to serve important functions and flow into broader home design. Reach out to Farha HomeTrends with a phone call, email or web submission and request a free consultation regarding remodeling the custom spaces in your home.

Need Some Inspiration?

Customize Your Home

At Farha HomeTrends, we understand it doesn’t always take a complete remodel to upgrade your home. Maybe the layout of your home is great but it needs a facelift to help accentuate what is already there. Sometimes, something as small as a banister replacement can change the feel of a room. Maybe the upgrade you are looking for is not intended to change your home’s appearance, but rather its function. Our experience helps identify what small changes could be made to reconfigure underutilized space in your home. We are here to help with any home improvement project, no matter how big or small.