What’s Your Budget

Prospective clients call Farha HomeTrends with many questions. The top three include; when can you start, how long is this going to take and how much is it going to cost? There’s a lot to consider when planning and executing any remodeling project. The key fact that frames most other decisions is your budget.

Managing Expectations and Priorities

Much like any good financial advisor frequently suggests, understanding your budget is an important part of mastering your goals. In home remodeling, start by determining your budget and back into the project based on what you want to spend. Managing your budget is managing your expectations. You will be more satisfied with any project when you start from a realistic understanding of what you can afford. 

Everyone has a budget and Farha HomeTrends works within what you want to spend. Surprisingly, budget is a discussion that some clients want to avoid. We find, sometimes, that husbands and wives have different budgets in mind. But before we begin, we agree on the spending plan.  Budgeting your home remodeling project is a practice in prioritizing.

Agreeing on the budget, and everything it entails, ensures your ultimate satisfaction with the project. This shared understanding pulls the fine details into your estimates and really lays out the big picture from start to finish.  Budgeting is a way to fully grasp the scope of your home remodeling plan. 

Transparency and Client Satisfaction

Farha HomeTrends works with your budget, no matter how big or how small. We’ll start from the figure you’re comfortable with and design the plan around it. Reach out today for a free estimate on the home remodeling project you’ve been dreaming about. From there, we’ll let you know when we can get started and how long it will take. 

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- Loyalty Means Something To Us -

Much of our business stems from repeat clients and client referrals, which we believe shows our commitment to our customers. Choosing a company to remodel your home is a very important decision, but we hope to lessen your burden. We hope you will choose Farha HomeTrends to make your home beautiful, whether it’s for a master bathroom remodel, a kitchen remodel, custom flooring upgrades, or any other kind of home remodel you can dream up!

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Farha HomeTrends is NAHB Green Building Certified

Green homes incorporate environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the building and development process to minimize environmental impact.

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Lead Safe Certified Contractor

Starting in April, 2010, federal law will require contractors who work in homes, child-care facilities or schools built before 1978 to be specially trained and certified and to follow more stringent work practices to prevent lead contamination. Farha HomeTrends has completed the training required to ensure that any remodeling performed in homes that were built pre-1978 will be contained and cleaned according to EPA guidelines.