Seasonal Punch Lists

Seasonal Punch Lists

Homeowners know that year round maintenance is required to keep your home safe and protect property values. Neglect begets new problems, more pests and structural damage beyond repair. Keep a steady pace with interior and exterior maintenance to avoid expensive damage  and untimely equipment failure. 

Keep a List, Check it Twice

In the fall, the chore of gutter cleaning is almost unavoidable. Fancy gutter guards keep out a large majority of obstructures but are far from a maintenance-free solution. Removing debris from gutters and downspouts protects your roof and the foundation of your home by routing water away. 

Furnace inspections have a way of slipping our mind until there’s a problem with the home’s heating or cooling units. Don’t let simple tune-ups devolve into expensive repairs. Change your filter frequently and keep comfortable this winter. Call a trusted heating and cooling technician and set up scheduled maintenance. Farha HomeTrends recommends Comfort Systems. 

Leaks around windows and doors let conditioned air out and allow pests inside. Caulking and other insulators often provide easy fixes that save money and prevent bigger problems. Also, unhook outdoor water hoses and winterize sprinklers. Avoid disastrous floods and water line breaks with these simple steps.

Some jobs are better left to the professionals. Which work you complete and which you prefer to pay others to complete is a matter of personal preference, budget and time constraints. Fireplace cleaning is a biannual chore that really requires an expert.  When it comes to fireplaces, most homeowners should just make sure the chimney flue is open and clean the mantle in anticipation of Christmas stockings. 

Small Steps with Big Impact

Staying ahead of wear and tear on your home is the work that never ends. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, get in the groove of annual upkeep. Consider what tasks are best suited to the time of year and which have the biggest impact with long term benefits for your home. 

This is an exercise in prioritizing. Be proud of what you accomplish and sleep well at night knowing you’ve taken the right steps to keep your family safe.  Protect one of your biggest investments, your home. When you take care of the basics, you save money for the fun stuff–which includes remodeling projects with Farha HomeTrends!

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Much of our business stems from repeat clients and client referrals, which we believe shows our commitment to our customers. Choosing a company to remodel your home is a very important decision, but we hope to lessen your burden. We hope you will choose Farha HomeTrends to make your home beautiful, whether it’s for a master bathroom remodel, a kitchen remodel, custom flooring upgrades, or any other kind of home remodel you can dream up!

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Farha HomeTrends is NAHB Green Building Certified

Green homes incorporate environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the building and development process to minimize environmental impact.

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Lead Safe Certified Contractor

Starting in April, 2010, federal law will require contractors who work in homes, child-care facilities or schools built before 1978 to be specially trained and certified and to follow more stringent work practices to prevent lead contamination. Farha HomeTrends has completed the training required to ensure that any remodeling performed in homes that were built pre-1978 will be contained and cleaned according to EPA guidelines.