Refresh Your Home for Spring

After all this time at home, spring fever is bubbling over. We’ve been cooped up, quarantined, and snowed in for a long time. As the weather warms this year, take a deep breath of fresh air and give yourself a pat on the back. We are making it through some tough times and, hopefully, gaining important understandings.

Spring reminds us to re-emerge better than before. We are encouraged to stretch out and dust off our selves and our surroundings. New life, bright colors and fragrant smells fill the air. The great, big, beautiful world is calling us to come outside.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Farha HomeTrends loves a good backyard. From glass garage doors to swim-up pool bars, it’s just more fun to be in the great outdoors. Fire elements range from fancy open pits to high-tech grills. But no matter the flame, it invites a gathering. Work with Farha HomeTrends for the outdoor living space that makes your home complete.

Make an investment in your home with flex space that brings inside and outside living areas together. Get the most out of your home throughout the year with design that incorporates seasonal changes in sunlight and shadows. Warm your home in the winter with a sunroom or skylight. Build a covered deck or backyard studio. Outside, anything is possible!

Windows and Doors

Other impactful home remodeling projects include new windows and doors. For both dramatic, aesthetic appeal and economic return, replacement windows pack more punch than just about any other project. Remove rotting wood from your home’s old windows and protect its foundation. Energy efficient and easy-to-use, new windows lower utility bills and provide important layers of insulation. 

Reach out to Farha HomeTrends with a call or connect online. Farha incorporates your spring dreams into a design process and building project with lasting results. Specializing in homes for more than 20 years, trust Farha HomeTrends for indoor and outdoor remodeling.


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- Loyalty Means Something To Us -

Much of our business stems from repeat clients and client referrals, which we believe shows our commitment to our customers. Choosing a company to remodel your home is a very important decision, but we hope to lessen your burden. We hope you will choose Farha HomeTrends to make your home beautiful, whether it’s for a master bathroom remodel, a kitchen remodel, custom flooring upgrades, or any other kind of home remodel you can dream up!


Farha HomeTrends is NAHB Green Building Certified

Green homes incorporate environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the building and development process to minimize environmental impact.


Lead Safe Certified Contractor

Starting in April, 2010, federal law will require contractors who work in homes, child-care facilities or schools built before 1978 to be specially trained and certified and to follow more stringent work practices to prevent lead contamination. Farha HomeTrends has completed the training required to ensure that any remodeling performed in homes that were built pre-1978 will be contained and cleaned according to EPA guidelines.