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Farha HomeTrends,
The Custom Flooring Specialists

The flooring in your home gets more wear and tear than anything else. Your flooring is also what most people see when first entering a home. Don’t let your old and abused flooring bring down the look of your entire home. The Custom Floor Specialists at Farha HomeTrends are here to help with something as simple as refinishing the floor, to a full floor replacement, which is all it takes to have a dramatic impact on the overall design and appearance of a room.

Options for a new floor are nearly limitless from layout to material selection and the final design. At Farha HomeTrends, we do all of our designing and installation in-house. We also maintain a very close relationship with one of America’s largest flooring distributors who also employ in-house designers with endless flooring options and great pricing.

Farha HomeTrends’ Custom Floor Specialists can replace or refinish any floor

Let the experts at Farha HomeTrends redo or refinish your flooring to make your home look complete and up to date. If you live in the Wichita, KS area and are thinking about replacing or refinishing your floors, call us today at 316-680-7514 to request a free quote!

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