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2017 Wichita’s Favorite Kitchen Remodeler

Wichita has voted Farha HomeTrends as their favorite kitchen remodeler for the second year in a row! We are honored to receive this Reader’s Choice Award which is sponsored by The Wichita ... READ MORE >>

Summer Home Maintenance List

Summer is approaching fast, but before you go on that well-deserved vacation, take advantage of the warm weather and tackle a few home maintenance tasks. These are sure to improve the quality of ... READ MORE >>

Best Kitchen Remodeling Company

Wichita has Voted! Wichita Eagle and Kansas.com Readers Favorite for Best Kitchen Remodeling Company was Farha HomeTrends. We are honored that our customers have chosen us! We hope you will take ... READ MORE >>

Fall Maintenance Projects: Safeguard Your Home

Autumn has arrived and with it comes the home maintenance projects. They can be daunting at times. Just remember to take them on one at a time and stay diligent. Farha HomeTrends offers this list ... READ MORE >>

Remodeling That Old House

Do you love watching remodeling shows on television?  Those guys that refurbish old houses and restore old homes to their “original glory” and it almost appears to be a relaxing hobby ... READ MORE >>

Master Bathroom Remodels

As most people are aware, there are two key areas of a house that add to its marketable value.  Those are the kitchen and the bathroom. More specifically, the master bathroom.  Whether or not you ... READ MORE >>

Super Kitchen Remodel

There is a new term in the industry for the ultimate dream kitchen, it is “Super Kitchen”.  While aesthetics are on every wish list, functionality is what most homeowners are looking for in their ... READ MORE >>

Spring Home Maintenance and Remodeling Ideas

It’s Spring Cleaning, Home Maintenance and Home Remodeling Time. The trees are budding, the flowers are preparing to bloom and nature is calling you outdoors to enjoy the day.  Visions of ... READ MORE >>

Earthquake Damage: Inspecting Your Home

When people think of Kansas, what frequently comes to mind is Wheat fields, the Wizard of Oz and Tornados.  As Kansans we have learned to take precautions to limit damages from the weather and ... READ MORE >>

The Charm of a Fireplace: Tips for Safe Enjoyment

There is nothing more stress relieving than relaxing by a fire!  The meditative qualities of watching the flames dance in the fireplace clears the mind and soothes the sole like little else can. ... READ MORE >>