Master Bathroom Remodels

As most people are aware, there are two key areas of a house that add to its marketable value.  Those are the kitchen and the bathroom. More specifically, the master bathroom.  Whether or not you are looking to market your current home, it is important to maintain a home’s value for the future.  Refreshing key elements is one way to ensure that your home isn’t losing value by becoming too dated.  The current trends for master bathroom remodels in our region of the United States is the focus of this article.

Homeowners in the Midwest are seeking upscale features in their master bathrooms and the remodeling budget is commonly higher than it would be in a hall bathroom.  The master bathroom is the most used bathroom in any home over the course time. Regardless of the number of occupants, it will undoubtedly be actively used by the primary residents on a full time basis. Therefore, it deserves to receive some extra touches in the luxury department!

Showers are a key design element

The shower is the first thing most homeowners want to tackle when seeking master bathroom remodels.  What we are experiencing in the high end homes is a removal of the existing tub/shower combo; opting instead for a walk in shower with a glass enclosure.   In bathrooms with garden tubs, the old garden tub with its bulky tub deck is being replaced with a sleek, modern, free standing soaker tub. This opens up floor space in the room and often allows the shower size to be increased.  Another increasingly popular choice is to lose the tub altogether and replace it with one large walk-in shower.

While the vanities and mirrors have been a main focal point in the past, the shower enclosure has become a work of art in many of our more recent master bathroom remodels. Using a selection of beautiful field tiles and tile accents, the shower walls become a canvas. From interesting geometric designs to interesting patterns, the possibilities are limitless. If you would rather opt for low maintenance, the easy to clean and seamless look of engineered stone panels is also a popular choice.  They can even also be enhanced with a decorative tile border that provides a pop of interest.  Generally, the same accent tile is reflected in the vanity backsplash, which helps bring the elements together.

No longer hidden behind a cheap curtain, the beauty of these modern showers are viewed through the clear glass of a frameless shower enclosure.   And waiting inside are luxurious shower features like rain shower heads, handheld shower heads on a slide bar and even wall mounted body sprays. Caddies are set into the wall and hold body washes and shampoos without taking up elbow space inside the shower.  Shower seats in various sizes and configurations are also a popular finishing touch.

Upon exiting the shower, or after a soak in the tub, homeowners are stepping onto heated tile floors.  Warm wire kits installed prior to the laying the tile floor keeps the surface at a comfortable temperature year round.  The amount of heat is controlled with a wall mounted thermostat.  This provides a floor which is not affected by water and is easy to clean but warm to the touch on those chilly mornings.

Creative and Functional Storage Ideas

Storage is the next item of concern on our customers’ list.  Today’s cabinet options offer a variety of clever storage options.  A popular feature is the pull-out hampers, which quite literally hides your dirty laundry. There are various options for storing away your personal products and everyday items for a clutter-free counter.  Storage for blow dryers and other common grooming tools is very handy as well.  Roll out shelves are another worthwhile upgrade.  With the wide variety of functional features, numerous style options and variety  of finishes available, new bathroom cabinetry is a wise investment.

Decorative and Durable Countertop Options

Countertop selections are far more numerous than they once were.  Most homeowners today have abandoned the lack luster laminates, hard to clean tiles and the dated cultured marble tops for surfaces that stand up better to water, heat and stains.  Granite is the overall most popular countertop choice in the Midwest.  One factor is the price point.  Many fabricators have remnant pieces available that are ideal for vanity tops. These often come at a reduced price.  Natural marble and engineered quartz are also popular choices for bathrooms.  The marble has the charm many look for in a stone, but not the durability and stain resistance of quartz or granite.


Finish off the room with updated lighting, matching hardware and your favorite paint color, and your new master bathroom is ready to enjoy!  Your new master bathroom remodel is just a phone call away!   Farha HomeTrends has been providing homeowners in the Wichita, Ks. area with living spaces they love for two decades. Let us make your house a home you will fall in love with.  Call us at 316-680-7514 to schedule your in-home evaluation today or simply contact us through our website by clicking “Request Free Consultation”


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