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Farha-Remodel-2015-23There is a new term in the industry for the ultimate dream kitchen, it is “Super Kitchen”.  While aesthetics are on every wish list, functionality is what most homeowners are looking for in their super kitchen remodel. A kitchen with all the modern amenities, that is convenient and well organized, are the main items on the remodeling wish list for 2016.  Since the kitchen is a hub of activity in most busy households, these are sensible expectations for a kitchen remodel.  It is no longer just a place we prepare and eat meals, but with today’s open concept design it is a gathering place for entertaining, a place to enjoy reading, relaxing, studying  and even working.

Among the most sought after elements in new kitchen remodel jobs are:

  • Custom or Semi-Custom Cabinets 

Storage seems to be the top priority for most homeowners who want to de-clutter and get organized.  Kitchens with a large island and a pantry are among the must-have’s. Rollout shelves, swing out and rotating shelving options in cabinets offer great storage that makes everything far more accessible than traditional cabinets with stationary shelves.  Pullout trash/recycling centers are another great way to maintain the functionality of everyday life without sacrificing style and beauty. Modern cabinets now offer soft-close features for door hinges and drawer guides for smooth, quiet and convenient operation.

Traditional cabinet styles remain popular, but we are seeing a movement towards cleaner lines and subtle design details over intricate details.  This simpler style is in keeping with the move towards minimizing and de-cluttering and also gives design flexibility for the future. When selecting a finish, the natural beauty of wood grains will always be the popular choice.  However, if you’re dream kitchen has painted cabinets, a clean, crisp shade of white is a timeless option, or opt for a modern shade of gray for a current look.

Over time, the need for a desk in the kitchen has evolved with our paperless billing and electronic payments. But let’s face it, the kitchen is where much of the home office work does take place. Therefore, it just makes sense to provide modernized work space in the kitchen remodel, offering docking stations for charging mobile devices and storage space for a laptop.

  • Light Fixtures that make a statement

Recessed LED lights are the homeowner’s top choice for a source of light in any room. However, in the kitchen area they are being combined with other lighting options that coordinate with the overall design theme. The placement of  pendant lights over an island or peninsula adds an artistic element to the room and a modern chandelier over the dining area offers decoration as well as illumination. Other lighting options for a kitchen remodel include lighting placed inside cabinets with glass front doors which draw attention to items you want to display without cluttering countertops, like dishes or vases.   Under cabinet or task lighting are popular options which illuminate the work space and can accentuate other design elements like tile and countertops.

  • High End Appliances and Fixtures

Gas stoves are the overall favorite among homeowners, with a combination of cooktop and wall ovens being preferred over the traditional free standing range.  Other high end appliances which are in demand for kitchen remodels include freezer-on-the-bottom refrigerators, convection microwaves, dual dishwashers, wine refrigerators and smart appliances that can be controlled with an app on your smart phone.  Automation is on the rise in modern kitchens and faucets are keeping with up with other technology.  Many are now touch activated or the newer version is a completely hands-free faucet activated by sensors. 

  • Stone Countertops

Granite is still the most widely selected countertop in kitchen remodels because of its uniqueness and durability.  However, Quartz and quartzite are becoming increasingly popular as choices for countertops because of their strength and durability.  Countertops are a key design element and should be given careful consideration, however, with new colors and patterns being added to the product lines, the options are more numerous than ever.

  • Hardwood Flooring

Natural Hardwood seems to be the number one choice for floors, especially in open concept homes.   It provides an effortless transition from one room to the next and works well with furnishings in every room.  When natural hardwood is not a practical choice, many are opting for tiles that give the appearance of natural wood but don’t require the care and maintenance of hardwood.

The open floor plan has widened the options for other finishes and décor in kitchen remodel projects.  Selections that may not be a traditional choice for a particular room can be blended into a common, open area of the home. No longer divided by walls, we are finding the boundaries blurred as to where the kitchen ends and rest of the home begins.

For families a modern, comfortable, open kitchen/living area means more memories are being made because they are spending quality time together enjoying the space.  Whether it is gathering to cook and eat, to do homework, or entertain and socialize with friends, great memories are being made in this area of the house.  Those memories deserve the finest of settings!

If this has inspired you to start designing your own dream kitchen, give us a call!  We’ll be glad to go over your ideas and help you put together a kitchen remodel plan that is right for you.


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