Spring Home Maintenance and Remodeling Ideas

It’s Spring Cleaning, Home Maintenance and Home Remodeling Time.

The trees are budding, the flowers are preparing to bloom and nature is calling you outdoors to enjoy the day.  Visions of gardening, cookouts and summer get-togethers begin to drift into your thoughts followed by dreams of a new deck to entertain on, or maybe a sunroom that could be enjoyed all year around.  But for now you just have to figure out how to tackle all the things that need to get done around the house before the heat of summer arrives.  Put on your favorite work shirt and your gardening shoes; let’s head outside to tackle the spring to-do list:IMG_0637

Here is a Home Maintenance Checklist that will get you outside and keep you out of the proverbial doghouse:

Check the gutters.  They should not be loose, leaking or full of debris.  After you clean and inspect the gutters, be sure downspouts are directing water far enough away from the house to keep moisture from finding its way inside.

Basement sump pump.  It should be tested for proper operation before spring rains begin. Again, be sure that it drains far enough away from the foundation to prevent water from finding its way back in.

Rake up and remove any leftover leaves, grass and debris from basement window wells and from around the home’s foundation.  Pay special attention to foundation vents in homes with a crawl space.  These vents allow moisture to escape but allow unwanted visitors to gain access if the screens are damaged or missing.

Trim trees and shrubs.  This will help prevent damages to your home’s siding during strong winds and harsh spring weather.  Also, if you have firewood stored outdoors, be sure it is at least 18” off of the ground and at least two feet away from your home to prevent insects that will want to take up residence in the wood from making their way into your residence.

Exterior dryer vent.   It should be cleared of lint and debris.  This helps the damper close properly and also lowers the risk of fire from lint build-up.

Roof inspection.  Even from the ground you can look for loose, missing or buckled shingles.  If you see a lot of granules on the ground from your shingles, it might be a sign of wear, consider getting your roof inspected soon by a professional roofing company. They will also inspect the flashings around vents, skylights and chimneys for damages for you.

Chimney and foundation examination.  Check for cracks, bulging, buckling or other signs of damage from the ground.   If you see areas of concern, call in a qualified professional to inspect and make repairs.

Exposed wood.   Check decks, hand rails and exterior trim around doors and windows for weakness, damage or rot.  Make repairs to areas of damage and seal exposed wood to protect it from the elements.  Keep us in mind if your deck is too small Touch up any cracked or peeling paint on siding and trim, for protection as well as to maintain the home’s curb appeal.

Check the weather-stripping and seals.  This might sound like a winter maintenance item, but it’s a good idea to re-inspect after removing winter weather barriers around windows and doors. Eliminating drafts helps your air conditioner run less and reduces your cooling costs.

Outside hose faucets.  Faucets on the exterior of the home should be checked for freeze damage.  Cold winter weather may have caused unseen breaks in water lines.  This could lead to water damage inside your home if not detected.  If you can easily stop the flow of water with your finger or thumb while the faucet is turned on, you may have an interior leak.  Do a thorough inspection for signs of leaks or call a plumber to check it for you.

HVAC unit.  Spring is a good time to have your air conditioning unit cleaned and inspected. You can visually check the outside unit for dirt and debris that may be clogging the coils. If you use a garden hose to remove loose debris off of the coils, be careful not to use high pressure which can drive dirt deeper into the coils.  Be sure to replace the air filter inside the house, as well, to keep it operating efficiently.  Hiring a professional to do preventative maintenance on the unit is a good idea.  They will thoroughly inspect the unit, clean the coils, check for refrigerant leaks, make repairs if needed and add refrigerant if necessary. This will help the unit to operate more effectively and help avoid break downs during the heat of summer.

With this list completed, its time to pull out the patio furniture, sit down with a tall glass of lemonade and enjoy the fresh air!

If spring has inspired you to start a new home remodeling project, we would love to visit with you about your plans.  Maybe you’re dreaming of a new deck, or you are finally ready to get serious about that room addition, or maybe you just want to modernize an existing interior space; at Farha HomeTrends we have the experience to get the job done right.  I hope you will take time to visit our gallery page and see a small sampling of our completed projects.

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